Davor Padel

High quality rackets for all levels

Rich History

Founded in Argentina in 1975 and have been producing padel rackets since 1988

A passion for padel

For over 35 years, we have used the best technological innovations available to consistently deliver great padel rackets designed by and for players.


Our History

Our brand was created in 1975 by Alojz Valencic, a Croatian immigrant living in Argentina, who professed a deep love for sport and always had the objective of manufacturing high-quality products; these are the reasons why Davor quickly gained recognition for its garments specially designed for skiing and yachting.

The beginning of Davor’s relationship with padel dates back to 1988, when we launched our first padel racket, maintaining an uninterrupted presence since then in this wonderful sport.


Launch of our first padel racket, made in Argentina with an 18 mm profile and the UDS technology that has accompanied us for many years.

1991 – 1993

Start of the commercialisation of Davor in Spain, when padel was just landing in Europe.


Development of our first padel racket with a 38mm profile.

2001 – 2002

Launch of new models with 38 mm profile.


Start of the production of padel rackets in Europe, product of a collaboration with the most prestigious manufacturer of rackets in the world, and launch of two iconic models of the brand:

Air Pow - it had two windows in the upper part of the racket resulting in less resistance to air flown and, therefore, allowing greater acceleration when striking the ball.

Soft Carbon - designed for padel players with an advanced level.


Agreement with the largest padel racket manufacturer in Argentina, in order to emphasize our presence in the Latin American market and cater for a growing demand in the region.


Introduction of the “Satelite” model, of great commercial success.


Production of our first padel racket with a core made entirely out of  foam, the “Trax”.


Introduction of our first model with a vertical anti-vibration column.

2017 - 2020

Development of rackets with 38 and 40 mm profile in response to market demand.


Beginning of an expansion plan, accompanying a renewed interest of our sport in established markets and exponential growth in new ones. Signing of an agreement with the world's largest padel racket manufacturer factory, with the aim of making a qualitative leap in our products.


Launch of a new collection to announce the commencement of operations in United Kingdom.