Padel Tennis Festival

Did someone say a pop-up Padel Tennis court in Central London? You heard that right!

We thought, wouldn’t it be great if people could experience Davor Padel rackets for the very first time in the UK, for free, whilst having loads of fun in an amazing location? The answer was obvious, let’s partner with Central London Alliance and become the official racket supplier to their Padel Tennis Festival at the amazing Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels overlooking the Tower of London. 

There’s no need to bring a racket, make sure you mention Davor Padel, and the organisers will provide you with free rackets to enjoy during your session. If you like them, they can be bought directly from the venue or by visiting our shop.

We look forward to providing you with great rackets for you to have fun and enjoy this wonderful sport!

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In partnership with Aldgate Connect BID, Blue Orchid Hotels, EC BID, & Central London Alliance.

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